Point Smythe Coastal Reserve – Venus Bay

Point Smythe Coastal Reserve – Venus Bay

The Point Smythe Nature Trail is 6km in length and remains sheltered even on windy days. Taking approximately 2 hours to complete (return journey) the Point Smythe Walk takes you through masses of coastal vegetation and onto the beach at Point Smythe. It’s usual to see kangaroos and wallabies particularly in the cooler months. In summer be careful of snakes. View Map

The walk surface is compacted gravel. The walk has a medium difficulty level. Dogs are restricted from this walk as fox baiting is regulary conducted. No toilets.

HOW TO GET THERE – From Melbourne: When entering Venus Bay take a right hand turn into Canterbury Road, this will then merge into Lees Road. The Point Smythe Nature Trail begins at the end of Lees Rd.

In Point Smythe – Poem by Francis Duggan

In Point Smythe quite close to Venus Bay From where i am now in distance far away The kangaroos known as the eastern gray In the paddocks graze in the gloaming of the day, On the coastal mudflats the tiny crabs are out In their thousands they are running about Sensitive to sound the least noise they do hear And at approaching footsteps into their holes they disappear, In Point Smythe miles from the nearest rural town The grey butcherbird pipes as the sun goes down And there’s a cool freshness in the coastal breeze That gently soughs in the melaleuca trees And the gray roos they graze and hop around As shades of darkness creep across the ground.

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